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Wega Solar
about Wega Solar
We are a team of solar power professionals who know our jobs well. We provide complete support to those owners and business owners that have chosen to install solar power plants for their homes/commercial premises. We appreciate those homeowners that have opted to run their homes on solar power and we promise unstinted support and assistance in running these solar power plants successfully and to its full capacity.
our Services
Wega solar Expert will help you figure out if solar is right for your home. Whether you speak with our consultants on the phone or in person at your home, we’ll help you get the process started
Each home/business system will have a full set of mechanical and electrical system with customized solar power plant that will be tailormade to suit your needs.
Our installation team will put the solar panels onto your roof with proper engineering and install the power electronics. Formal quality inspections, including permit escort and utility company commissioning.
Your house will be running on the sun! You’re all set to go! Now the only the left is to wait for your next power bill and see your savings.
why Wega Solar


We can offer you the best technology at the best price. With the most financing options in the industry, whatever plan you choose, you’ll save money on your monthly utility bill.


Our panels outperform others by 10 years due to rigorous testing beyond industry standards. We cover all roofing work and system repairs at no extra cost. See how we choose our suppliers and equipment.


Solar is far less expensive than traditional electricity in most places across the U.S. With $0 down, you’ll secure a low fixed monthly rate and save on your utility bill.