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We are a team of solar power professionals who know our jobs well. We provide complete support to those owners and business owners that have chosen to install solar power plants for their homes/commercial premises. We appreciate those homeowners that have opted to run their homes on solar power and we promise unstinted support and assistance in running these solar power plants successfully and to its full capacity.


Our mission is to be the provider for safely performing, efficient and secure energy management systems by popular choice in the whole of South India


Wega Solar shall strive to meet both the needs and expectations of the customers and work to provide complete customer satisfaction.

Solar PV System Integration

We can seamlessly integrate the solar power system with any existing complicated conventional energy system or set up a whole new architecture for a specific application and provide any type of customized solution according to the specific needs of the client.

Grid Connected Solar Power Systems

Solar power systems that generate electricity can be connected to the utility grid. Such photovoltaic system (PV system) that is connected to the grid consists of solar panels, one or more invertors, power conditioning unit and equipment to connect to the grid.

Battery Based Solar Power Systems

These solar power plants have an output capacity of 1 KW to 100 KW and are installed at individual client premises. C10 rated Solar-Specific tubular batteries are used to store the backup power in an efficient manner.

Our Services:

• Installation of Solar Power Plant

• Solar Power Plant Maintenance/Repair

• High Electricity Bill Audit

• Maintenance and Audit