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We at WEGASOLAR believe that Solar energy has many advantages, the main one being that all chemical and radioactive polluting byproducts of so-called thermonuclear reactions are retained in the sun itself and only pure radiant energy is transmitted to the earth. We take Pride in the fact that we have been personally responsible for the installation of numerous solar panel energy apparatus on several homes and commercial premises in Thiruvananthapuram.

Protecting our Mother Earth starts with you, Choose renewable Energy For a healthier future

Our mission is to be the number one providers of solar energy by providing safe performance, efficient and secure energy management systems by popular choice in the whole of South India. Wegasolar shall strive to meet both the needs and expectations of the customers and work to provide complete customer satisfaction. We can seamlessly integrate the solar power system with any existing complicated conventional energy system or set up a whole new architecture for a specific application and provide any type of customized solution according to the specific needs of the client.

We are a team of expertised solar power professionals who know our jobs well. We provide complete support to those owners and business owners who have chosen to install solar power plants for their homes/commercial premises. We appreciate those homeowners who have opted to run their homes on solar power and we promise unstinted support and assistance in running these solar power plants successfully and to its full capacity.


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Wegasolar Renewables Pvt Ltd

Established in 2016, we are into creating a safe and Eco friendly environment with all the power you would need by means of installing solar panels and other solar technology. A venture that was started by two enlightened souls and their dream of making the world a better place for all, Wegasolar is now a testament to the fulfilment of that dream Because of the depth and scope of our knowledge, we are able to provide you with specialized services off all kinds. Our expert employees are skilled at provides insightful consultancy on the type of solar panels that is right for your business or your home. We have our expert unique designers who can successfully design a customized plan for the solar-electrical power system in your premises. Our engineers are there to arrive at your home or office and successfully install solar panels so that you can generate the power you need.

Our Project Patner

Kirloskar Solar is propelled by leading multi-engineering conglomerate, backed by 130+ years of glorious legacy and undisputed leadership in giving cutting edge technology by The Kirloskar Group. Kirloskar Solar offers turn-key solar solutions, products, and services to all segments, from residential to large scale commercial and industries

Kirloskar Solar has developed India’s one of its kind project where Fixed Axis, Single Axis tracker, and Rooftop are implemented at a single location. Kirloskar Solar is passionate about sustainable energy solutions through impeccable execution using cutting-edge technology.