Residential Solar Scheme

Electricity charges keeps on fluctuating from time to time. So, it is difficult to calculate the electricity expenditure. However, when it comes to solar rooftops, the price of power generated can be calculated at almost ease. In fact, one can even calculate the cost of electricity generation for years to come. It is a secure and effective investment. To encourage people to adopt solar energy, the government is offering tax credits and other subsidies to those who install solar whether it be for residential or commercial purposes. The government is offering to pay 30% of the installation cost as a subsidy to the installer. Switch to solar now.

  • Increased access to energy

  • Support from Government

  • Low maintenance cost

  • Suitable for our climate

  • Doesn’t require additional space for installation

  • Increases the property value


Commercial Solar Schemes

As a businessman, you may have thought that switching to commercial solar panels for your business was risky. It’s time to get rid of that thinking and take a stand. Solar isn’t just for big companies or expensive anymore. Businesses of all sizes can capitalize on the many benefits of solar power. Solar energy has become a strategic decision that has proven to deliver numerous benefits for businesses. And it’s your time to do it so. Switching to solar has many benefits. And it has become a lot easier than before. Learn them and take advantage of it.

      Solar power gives you a great return on investment
      Reduces your operating costs
     Tax credits and bonus depreciation
      Easy Installation and High Affordability
      Improves your cash flow
      High reliability and low maintenance

Industrial Solar Schemes

The Industrial process generally uses a substantial amount of electricity, which makes the industrialist an excellent candidate for solar energy. In addition, you can typically operate in large buildings with a lot of available roof space for a solar system. Solar energy will save industrialist thousands of rupees over time on electricity costs and provides a hedge against energy price increases which will make you more competitive.

With falling costs, generous grants, and tax incentives, businesses of all types are in a great position to take advantage of the benefits of solar energy. By installing solar system, manufacturing industries, agricultural operations and commercial businesses can save on electricity costs, take control of future energy price increases and reduce their tax burden.

  • Reduces Electricity Bills

  • Diverse Applications

  • Low maintenance cost

  • Technology Development

  • High Return of Investment(ROI)

  • Increases the capital value