Solar Consultation

If you are looking forward to Go Green, go solar and generate solar energy in your homes or your business property, why not ask your quarries to expertise from those who know the technology, we have a dedicated team of consultants who are ready to arrive on the spot or talk to you over the phone to provide a sense of clarity to your mind and assuage all concerns about whether the technology will work or not.

  • Review your electric bill

  • Calculate how much you will save with solar

  • Design your new solar solution on the spot


System Design

We have the best designers who can provide you with customized unique designs for the solar panels that you are looking forward to be installed in your premises. We will take nothing for granted and provide a detailed design incorporating every single component cohesively which will produce energy most efficiently while not causing any spillage or wastage.

Solar Plant Installation

Our installation team with their profound knowledge of installing solar panels and other solar technology across structures of all shapes and sizes will setup the panels on your roofs connecting all the other components to it so that there can be access to the infinite energy of the sun that you will be able to acquire. The most difficult part of the process will be made simpler than ever when our installation team is at the helm.


Solar Plant Maintenance

Once your plant has been installed properly, you will definitely need to ensure that the installation doesn’t fall into disrepair i.e. you require regular maintenance. You can call us for all or any maintenance on your solar panels. It is an obligation on our part to be around whenever you need help and you can always rely on us.


If you are planning to get a complete audit done on the state of electric power generation, then we are happy to provide you with a comprehensive audit that will reveal all the aspects of the system.

  • How much power is being consumed

  • How much can be saved through Energy Efficiency

  • What is not necessary, what can be switched off more frequently

Strong Presence

We enjoy a strong presence with projects at various stages of implementation in several states across South India.


We can proudly say that it is man-hours of experience that we have has catapulted us to a leadership position in the field today.

Remote Monitoring

We deploy world-class devices that facilitate remote operation, monitoring, and maintenance to optimize the performance of the system.

Cost Effective

We have the expertise and experience to implement projects within 3 to 6 months of signing the contract. On-site installations will be completed within 30 days.

24/7 Support

We have the expert team on dealing with customer service answering all your questions and guiding you to a better usage of our services.


We have successfully completed several rooftop solar installations as on date.

Timely Delivery

We focus on delivering our promises as soon as we can and as better as possible. We never breaks our promises


Depending on the availability of roof-top space power demand, we will provide clients with customized solutions.